Easy Faux Bois Art

My friend, Naomi, and I like to have painting dates, but when she comes over I never know what to make. Then right as she’s about to leave, inspiration strikes and she never sees the finished product. So, Na, what do you think?

This faux bois (French for “fake wood”) art turned out to be as easy as second grade art, and as sophisticated as a page out of Elle Decor. I just painted a canvas with a coat of dark gray, then used a white chalk stick for the lines, and sprayed it with fixative so it wouldn’t smudge.

Note: My sweet friend Kristina dropped by today and brought these orange tulips… just in time for me to take pics! Last time Kristina came, she brought homemade blood orange marmalade. And before that, it was homemade carmel and peppermint marshmallows for hot chocolate. If your mouth is watering, check out her foodie blog… Girl Gone Grits. I sure can pick ’em!

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  1. Kristina W says:

    Ahhh Shucks! such a nice plug. YOu did a fabulous job with that pic. I love it! I would put that arrangement of the faux bois and orange tulips on my mantle in a heart beat. I so love how easy you made it look. So inspiring! Love ya, K

  2. naomi hamm says:

    great job! I also LOVED the power lines painting you did….would love to see that on your website so I can show it off.

  3. doug says:

    I like the concept and the simplicity. i do think it needs one more color to add some depth. …… I like seeing your creativity with all of your projects!.

    • Amy says:

      Says the King of Color! Maybe some of us like slightly boring. 🙂 No, you’ve got my gears turning… if not a color, maybe some shine to the white.

  4. Another super project! Thanks so much for sharing on Craft schooling Sunday, hope to see you again this week! all the best, Sara

  5. Rachel says:

    Aww, that is so, so pretty! I love it!

    • Amy says:

      I consider that a compliment from an authority figure… who knows one pretty thing when she sees one!:) Thanks, Rachel.