Turn A Picture Frame Into A Tray

I bought a plain brown Ikea frame months ago, and it has been my bane.

First, it was supposed to hold a small poster I ordered that looked better on the screen than in person.

Then I thought I’d use it to frame some new Tiny Art, but that Tiny Art and I are still duking it out.

Finally, it became a tray in the form of set styling for my striped flower pot. Turns out I’m pretty happy with it as a tray! And it only got better when I popped a silk chartreuse doily on top of the magenta background I painted.

I like it as a table centerpiece with flowers or a plant.

I like it as a mini landing strip for keys, change, wallet, etc.

I like it as a jewelry tray.

I even like it as plain-ole art.

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  1. tim stewart says:

    That is the most versatile rectangle of beauty and utility that I’ve ever seen!

    • Amy says:

      Haha! “…versatile rectangle of beauty and utility…” I’m going to have you start writing marketing for me.

  2. Ray* says:

    Cute idea!

  3. Framed « says:

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