Sweet Pillowcase Nothings

Dear Mum,

Thanks for sharing your fabric scraps. There’s only one thing more fun than getting fabric scraps in the mail: using fabric scraps to spell out sweet nothings on pillowcases.

Dear Husband,

I wouldn’t stitch a lie.

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  1. Oh now that’s so whimsical! I wanna bring a bright and cheery quilt for that bed!

  2. Alissa says:

    Awww, I love it! Gives me an idea for some of my fabric scraps…

  3. Karen says:

    Can’t bear the cuteness–must copy your idea immediately!

  4. emily says:

    SO cute! love it!

  5. Laura says:

    I love it, Amy! What’s your trick for keeping the letters so straight and evenly spaced? Do you just eye it?

    • Amy says:

      Laura — I used the dots on the fabric to help me line up the letters, and then just eye-balled from there. Since I was going for whimsy, I forced myself to set aside perfection.:)

  6. Sabrina says:

    I love the fabric you chose!