Video Tour: Tiny Awesome Kitchen

We just moved into our new, long-term flat in Prague, and let me tell you, my organizing/decorating inspiration is overflowing! But before we “in with the new,” we must “out with the old.” I need to bid a proper farewell to our one-room-wonder.

Here’s my send-off to my favorite part: the kitchen.

(Psst… like my vintage apron? Here’s a video of my collection.)

(Psst… like my dinner soundtrack? Get the song free here.)

(Psst… impressed with my culinary skeels? You would be if you had smell-o-vision. Here’s the sort-of recipe.)

Amy’s That-Was-Actually-Crazy-Delicious Roasted Veggies and Meat

  • Vegetables, chopped (onions, peppers, mushrooms, carrots, potatoes … anything that’s good roasted)
  • Meat, chopped
  • Garlic, minced
  • Olive oil, salt, and pepper to taste (don’t be shy)
  • Cook until it smells delicious, and the meat looks done. (For temperature, just guess. It’ll be fine. Mine oven’s in Celsius, so guessing is my new method, and it hasn’t failed me yet. Well, I did melt some baked apples this morning. Did you know apples could melt? But they were still edible!)

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  1. dave rupert says:

    awesome! your kitchen is extremely tiny. it’s like a baby kitchen. i hope you’re enjoying Prague and your visas extend endlessly.

  2. momma says:

    Oh, it was fun to watch you cook! Since when did you start spinning potatoes with such finesse? And what’d you do with that mini-me bell pepper? Or was that an unborn bell pepper? Anyway, cool micro kitchen!

    • Amy says:

      That potato spin was about Take 5.:) And I thought about eating the mini bell pepper, but it just felt wrong. It sat on the counter for a few days before I tossed it.

  3. Alissa says:

    Oh, I love love love it! Enough is as good as a feast. Speaking of feast, how long did it take you guys to eat all that yummy-looking food?

    So we get to see your new digs soon? *hint hint* 🙂

    • Amy says:

      Maybe I shouldn’t admit that was like a meal and a half. The vegetables shrink, I swear!

      Peaks of the new place coming soon, and a proper tour in a couple weeks.:)

  4. Aimee says:

    Well, I had nothing but European-stuff-is-small sympathy, but your kitchen is bigger than mine! And more modern! If you’ve moved into larger digs, does that mean you’d be up for a visitor? HINT HINT.

  5. Natalie says:

    Amy!!! Way to go. I love the video – so cute. And….so proud of all the awesome food you’re making 🙂 That looked super yummy.

  6. tim stewart says:


    Great video! I love your little European kitchen. By the way, you know this, but you have a great sense of timing–comedic and dramatic. Your videos are inspring.

    Shoot, well with a full-featured kitchen that small, you could sneak a little kitchen into any room of the house. Living room… with a kitchen! Master bedroom… with a tiny kitchen!