Mid-Century Trivets

{I’ve always admired people who have something interesting going on on their table. I don’t think the papers and electronics on mine qualify. These easy trivets by Sara make me want to pull out the paintbrushes and clear the kitchen table.}

I’m a big fan of Ikea cork trivets, because with a little coat o’ paint and a fun pattern, they add great pops of color to a table setting. They come in a pack of 3 and I usually pick some up every time I’m in Ikea, because I like to have them on hand when inspiration strikes.

I’m also a big fan of mid-century modern design, and after combing through a California-style mid-century book I checked out from the library, I found some patterns I wanted to try for the trivets.

These are the concrete block sunscreens that inspired the design. Cool, right?

Here’s what you’ll need for this project:

1. Cork Trivets

2. Acrylic paint (yellow doesn’t show up so well on the cork)

3. Paintbrush

4. Drawing paper or cardstock

5. Scissors or an exacto knife

6. Pattern inspiration

Once I was satisfied with the pattern I had drawn, I cut it out and arranged it on my first trivet.

I painted around all of the edges first,

and then removed the paper and filled in the rest of the paint. I changed the placement of the circles and lines to add a little variation on the next two.

Now I’ve got some colorful trivets that will add a little mid-century flair to the dinner table!

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Sara is a graphic designer in Austin, TX. She's also a traveler, teacher, and sugar-addict. She laughs often, though not because of the sugar.

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  1. sarah says:

    These look awesome! And for those that don’t cook (me), I bet they’d make good-lookin’ mini bulletin boards…

    • Amy says:

      And for those of us who don’t cook, it could make it look like we do. “Oh, I just cleaned up and put everything away. You missed it… it was delicious.”

    • Sara says:

      oooo, I love the idea of mini-bulletin boards with these!

  2. Susan Ruthenbeck says:


    I love the coasters. What a great idea and you made the instructions look so easy!!

    • Susan Ruthenbeck says:

      OOP!!! I mean Trivets….they would make amazing coasters, too….you could make a whole set..trivets, coasters and mini bulletin boards that could be used for names for seating assignments.