In the Mail: Seeds from Mum

About a year ago I was at a conference where the speaker asked, “Who had a perfect childhood?”

My hand shot straight up, and everyone turned around and stared at me. I could feel the heat rising in my cheeks as I realized it was a rhetorical question.

Once the speaker continued on and my cheeks cooled off, my embarrassment turned to pride. I decided it’s pretty cool my automatic reaction to a question like that is, “Me! Me!” I have pretty swell parents. They’ve always shown me how much they love me, and how proud they are of me.

Now I’m pushing 30 (geez louise) and my mom still spoils and loves on me from 400 miles away. It seems like about once a month there’s an envelope in my mailbox with her handwriting on it. This one came last week (on stationary I stamped as a Christmas gift), complete with stickers! Unexpected mail is such a happy occurrence.

And Mom says all I have to do is sprinkle the seeds! That’s my kind of gardening. Grow, little zinnias, grow!

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  1. Russ says:

    glad you had that reaction…unfortunately, i feel that this makes me somewhat of a failure because i didn’t annoy you enough growing up.

    • Amy says:

      Maybe I should have clarified… I have wonderful parents. I’ll write a separate post about my brothers.;)