Organize This: Home Office

Hadley Headquarters

Orange I glad for this room!

We claimed our third bedroom as our office/studio/craft room. It’s a relatively small room, but I capitalized on the space by adding a table that juts out from the wall, creating an ‘L’ for my hubby to compute, and for me to spread out and craft.

We painted it a bright (should’ve seen the first try… it was practically neon), energetic orange, and hung Ikea kitchen cabinets without the doors. We have plenty of room for storage, computing, drawing, sewing, crafting, and anything else we have a hankerin’ to do. All for just $300 at Ikea!

On the shelves, I used craft paper for wall-papered, a bread-box for holding craft supplies, and a 50-cent glass from a garage sale for a coin-collector.

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  1. Laura says:

    Love the orange! I’m wanting to paint my home office orange – do you remember what color this is?

  2. jessica says:

    Hi! I just found your blog via remodelaholic, and I’m loving everything I’m seeing. I’m working on my craft/sewing room and I’ve been trying to figure out how I can store everything on this one vertical bookcase that I have in the room. But, seeing your room, I think that hanging some cabinets with out the doors would be the perfect solution! And get some stuff off of the floor which is driving me nuts!! So thanks for the inspiration!

    • Amy says:

      Jessica — Isn’t Remodelaholic great? Thanks for finding me! The first thing I ever learned about organizing was to think UP. We typically don’t use much of our vertical space. We’ve loved our Ikea kitchen cabinets in the office. No one’s the wiser.

  3. Sofia says:

    Was looking around for offices with orange walls, and… kaboum! Found yours. Am ready to paint my office, now I have to check the color you used in low VOC! Thanks for the inspiration!