Organize This: Necklaces

Nothin’ against us ladies and our beautiful necks, but necklaces look just as good hanging from hooks and knobs and stands, I think.

So I’m pretty happy to have graduated from my necklaces wadded up in a box…

…to staring back at me from suction cup hooks!

It’s the little things that make life happy.

(Note on suction cups: I’d actually hoped to use these imported hooks (thanks for the care package, Mom!) on the tile next to the mirror, but they only work on slick, non-porous tiles and glass. Call me a doofus.)

And I love the space-saving solution my best friend/sis-in-law came up with for all her beads, too.

She put a series of stick-on hooks on the inside of her bathroom cabinet door. Doesn’t this make you want to play dress-up?

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  1. Aimee says:

    I use a vintage padded hanger (those satin ones, for posh frocks) and hang my necklaces off either side of that. The padding protects the chains/beads, they are spaced nicely, and it all looks pretty!

  2. Alissa says:

    I’m sorry to say my necklace-corraling methods are far less interesting: they all hang on the towel rod in my bathroom. ‘Course if I had as many pretty necklaces as this, I’d want to show ’em off, too! Maybe I need to start wearing more necklaces… 🙂

  3. JoAnn says:

    What a cool idea! I think it is totally awesome that you sister in law is your best friend and now I have a great idea for the inside of my little girls’ dress up closet. They will be thrilled to have easy access to their necklaces without having to dig through all the clothes!

  4. Hey! You are so clever to find an alternate function for the suction cup hooks! This post gives me an idea to put hooks along the edges of the door mirror in my clothes closet – a handy reminder to throw on a necklace! Me, too Alyssa, I need to go get some pretty ones. The nice thing about them is they are one-size-fits-all!

  5. emily says:

    ooo-ooh, what fashionable ladies!