My Love Affair with Jars

My first job was as a clerk at a video store, Video Village. I loved it. So much organizing to do: straightening boxes, shrink-wrapping boxes, alphabetizing boxes! I was also very proud of myself when we were switching out our bright yellow paper movie sleeves for sleeker ones, and I cut stacks and stacks of it into scrap paper. My colleagues gave me quite a razzing for it, and I just didn’t get it. Did recycling paper really make me the world’s biggest nerd?

Don’t answer that. (Besides, now recycling is cool.)

Well, that same sense of pride still wells up when I find uses for would-be tossers. Like jars! Sara Vahle got me started with her recycled jar centerpiece. Since then I pretty much save every jam, salsa, and spaghetti sauce jar I empty, figuring I’ll find some use for them.

Jars have taken on a new level of excitement now that we have zero containers (we only packed clothes and electronics for our move to Prague). So I’m pretty happy with my little salsa jar.

It makes my earrings easy to see, grab, and put back.

Which beats the jewelry box I stuffed them all into for packing… even though it IS a Tiffany’s box… that came with a free key chain from the grand opening I covered as a reporter… because I’m not actually a Tiffany’s kind of girl… though I do love their signature turquoise…),

And I love my other little salsa jar that keeps my wine bottle stoppers from rolling around in the classy/handy cardboard box I repurposed from some Ikea purchase.

And I also love my garbanzo bean jar that makes my art supply shelf look charming enough to belong to Van Gogh, or someone. (Nevermind that my art supply shelf has one box of tiny acrylics and eight paintbrushes.)

Exhale. There.

Any other ideas on how to use empty jars?

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  1. jules p says:

    I agree. I love jars. I hate putting them out to recycle. And I am a little peeved that things that use to come in glass jars…are in plastic “jars”. (yuck)

    But I use them for everything. Jar under my sinks..holds the old brushes to clean with. I love the new idea for using modge podge to tint them. I can’t wait to try that idea!!

    • Amy says:

      My love of jars as decor & organization has started dictating our grocery purchases… Husband: “How ’bout my favorite, blueberry jam?” Me: “How ’bout this one? Look how cute the jar is!”

  2. Alissa says:

    I keep nearly every glass jar / bottle / vase that ends up in my possession. I pull them out to work as candy jars, display jars, storage, and line colored ones up on my windowsill for the sun to shine through.

  3. M Fox says:

    I have an entire box full of glass jars that I was going to try to sell on Craigs List! Do you need extras?

    • Amy says:

      Oh, temptress! But it’s easy to pass b/c the husband and I just moved to Prague! Anyone in Austin want M’s jars? Anyone?

  4. Jan says:

    You can always paint them with a mixture of Mod Podge and food coloring, and put tea light candles or regular candles in them and hang them up with twisted wire handles — like what Pottery Barn has in their catalogs. I got that idea from seeing it in their catalogs, and have bottles I’ve been saving up for that purpose — great for eye catching outdoor lighting. 🙂