How To Pack for a Trip

Okay, the title of this post may be a little misleading.

It should probably read:

“How To Pack for a Move Overseas”

“How Do You Pack for a Move Overseas?”

“How the Heck Do You Pack for a Move Overseas??!?!?!!”

Shall I back up just a bit? The husband and I are moving to Prague. (Follow this link to read all about it, and this one to see our apartment!) We leave in two and a half weeks, and I just started packing last night.

With a total allowance of four checked bags at 50 lbs each, plus two carry-ons, I’m not entirely sure how to pull this off.

Shoes seem like a good place to start. Maybe I should leave every pair that pinch, pull, or make my toes look fat (after all, cobble stone isn’t terribly forgiving), even if they are the only pair that go with the funky bohemian skirt?

How ’bout my heels? Tote only my favorite pair, because they’re black and bound to go with everything, and I only wear them twice a year as it is?

PJs: take one winter and one summer set? But what about the cute ones that remind my husband how adorable I am? That’s a key ingredient in making a marriage last through culture shock, right?

Under-britches: pack only the ones that don’t give me wedgies, which will mean doing laundry more than once a month?

Suits: since I don’t know what kind of job I’ll have, do I take all 11 of my favorite suits and blazers that have gathered a fine coat of dust across all the shoulders because I haven’t worn in more than a year?

And how to decide which knock-around T’s and tanks are essential? They’re knock-arounds. They’re all essential!

What am I missing? Favorite recipes handwritten by Mom, computers, cameras, that rubber lid taker-offer for the jars I seem to be powerless to open, my hair straightener. How’s it all going to fit? What to pack now? What to bribe friends to bring on a visit? What to pay to have shipped (ahem, $250/50lbs, thankyouverymuch postal service). What to buy there?

Wait! Dangit. I forgot about the husband. Where’s his stuff going to fit?

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  1. Alissa says:

    Ahhh! So excited! I have no idea how I would pack my life away into three bags. I’d be happy to bring some extra stuff on a visit – but where will I sleep in your teeny apartment? 😉

  2. Honey, you are too funny! First, select a variety of blouses to go with about 4 blazer jackets. Remember – you are going to try to live as minimalists for a couple of years. Second, ROLL your clothes – you can fit more in the suitcase…can’t help you on the 50# limit per suitcase.

    • Angela says:

      Your mom is right! What I’d suggest is laying out what you absolutely love and would miss wearing and then start editing. A couple of pairs of jeans, three or four skirts, etc. You know, you’ll be coming at a great time for sales here! It all started last week…just saying ;-))))) I don’t think Dennis would mind too much… ; -)

  3. Abby says:

    Oh, I love Prague! Probably my favorite place in Europe : ) What an exciting adventure!

  4. JoAnn says:

    Wow! How exciting for you guys!!!

  5. Susan Ruthenbeck says:

    And the adventure begins! I did not know how to pack for two months…can’t imagine figuring it all out for a move. Of course your mom is right…..but it is always good to have “options.” (that is what I call it when Mark thinks that I have packed too much!)

  6. Kerri says:

    After a few weeks in your new place you will have found so many bizzares and shops that are representative of your new life you will giggle at the amount of belongings you ended up bringing. will you miss certain tee-shirts in moments of deceptive homesickness? Most assuredly but unless you take everything that is going to happen. So pack with the future in mind rather than the past or even the present and remember that there are oh so many new pieces of clothing and nostalgia awaiting u on the other side!

  7. Dennis says:

    And yes please don’t forget about me. I need room for a toothbrush, at the least.

  8. Bonnie says:

    sounds like you need this…