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Diagnosis: Puking Closet Syndrome

My closet is puking!Puking Closet Syndrome. It’s an ugly condition with nasty symptoms.

You might have PCS if:

…you’ve had a panic attack in the past week while trying to get dressed and out the door on time.

…you’ve ever lost sleep because your clothes are taking over your bed.

…you’ve installed a deadbolt on your bedroom door to keep people from discovering your dirty little secret.

Anger. Anxiety. Panic. Shame. Put ’em in their place. In the PCS Series I’ll show you ways to get and keep your closet organized, from showing your shoes who’s boss to using baskets as more than grandma’s kitchen decor.

PCS doesn’t have to rule your room or your wardrobe.

If you’re tensing up at the thought of taming your closet, relax. You can start small. Find one thing that’s driving you crazy, and think of a new way of doing it that would work better for you. Here are some common ones that you can do in under 2 minutes:

  1. Gather all the loose and empty hangers and pick a specified place on the rod to park them.
  2. Put any clothes lying around in the hamper. Even if you claim they’re clean. Commit to washing them, and put them away one load at a time.
  3. Put all your shoes in one place — in a basket, in a box, on a shelf — just so they’re all together. (Not my fault if this takes more than 2 minutes because you have to go spelunking under your bed for that missing sneaker.)

Congrats. You’re on your way to taking back control of your closet.

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  1. LOVE the hanger tip! Why don’t I just do it! I will be sending people your way this week!

    • Amy says:

      It’s the little things, you know? You CAN do it! And it really only takes about a minute. I swear. Thanks, Jess!