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Closet Organization: Slacks & Skirts

Attack of the Wonky Hangers!Look out! The wonky hangers are taking over!

In my not-so-humble opinion, there is a wrong way to hang slacks and skirts. I just don’t dig folding them in half over a hanger because they inevitably slide to one end, and they’re twice as bulky in your closet that way. Plus, you get a fold-wrinkle halfway down your garment.

Hanging pantsHanging skirtsInstead, I’m partial to using skirt hangers. I like their easy-clipping action and the straight line of all the slacks hanging in a row. For skirts, you can even double or triple up on a hanger without looking sloppy.

To straight-hanging slacks, you need a rod that’s at least 4′ off the ground. If you don’t have enough closet room for this luxury, fold and stack as many pants as you can, and try a grippy, open-ended slack hanger for dress pants: easy-on, easy-off, and no slipping.

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