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Closet Organization: Scarves

This year I’ve discovered the joy of accessorizing with scarves. I even wear them in the summer, and once had someone ask, “Do people make fun of you for wearing scarves in the summer?” It was a summer scarf! Super light weight! “Do people make fun of you for… for… not wearing scarves in the summer?” Hmph.

Once you realize you can’t get enough scarves, you have to figure out how to organize them. Here’s perhaps a “Duh” solution I was really proud of: Hang them in half over a slacks or plastic hanger. You can fit 8-10, easy, and it doesn’t take up much space. I keep mine in the closet next to the belts, and need to start a hanger of winter scarves in the coat closet, actually.

If you have a manageable collection, you could also hang them from a cute hook rack, though mine quickly outgrew my three little hooks. If you have a spot for a cute basket, it would also be fun and easy to just toss them in there.

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