Clever Kitchen

Kitchen Lattice

This post is my homage to the movie, Julie & Julia. Loved it! There’s this cute moment where Julia’s husband, Paul Child, is outlining pots hanging on the wall in their new kitchen. It reminded me of my friend, Colleen’s, clever kitchen solution. It’s great if you have more wall space than cabinet space. Just cut garden lattice to size, spray paint, drill to the wall (where lattice intersects), screw in cup hooks, and voila! Pot rack. Mug holder. Spice rack. Apron holder. Etc.

And if you want to know how to get your hands on the fabulous orange stove-to-oven pot Julie and Julia work their magic in, you can find it here. And there are other fun colors, like kiwi, dijon, and cherry. Save your allowance, though; it’s $270.

(Update: This winter and spring I’ve seen a lot of these at TJ Maxx for about $50! That’s more like it.)

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