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Daily Pampering

Daily PamperingHere we come to the busiest time of the year – at least in my life it is ’cause I make it chaotic!!! Maybe we all need to remember to have a pampering moment – as many times a day as you can manage!

Years ago I began using powder after bathing; it’s soothing, helps absorb moisture (no more sticky pits!), and you can get different scents, so it’s aromatherapy.

I keep my powder in a dish on the toilet tank lid. Over the years, I’ve gone through a number of containers. First, I had a cheap plastic powder jar. Then I found a glass fruit compote, but the lid didn’t meet well with the tile floor one day. Now I have this treasure I found on one of my antique shopping outings. My lidded brass seashell goes perfectly with the framed sand dunes picture I’ve had for years.

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Marcia lives in Edmond, OK, where she is a funeral home administrator. She has a big heart, warm personality, and mad homemaking skills that make people feel right at home.

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