Secret Santa Party

Best use of your least-favorite magazine

I’m not bashful about asking my friends for money when it’s for a good cause. The hubby and I signed up to be Secret Santa for a foster child, and I figured some of our friends could pitch in so we could “adopt” even more kids. But when I was sticking my virtual hand out for the second time in a month, I had an idea!

I crossed the guys off the list and invited the girls for a shopping & wrapping party.

After we shopped for our three foster teens, we came back to my place, had bacon-wrapped dates (mmm) and burnt queso (Velveeta crock-potted on high for two hours=FAIL), and a little surprise white elephant-ish gift game. I wanted to give the girls a little thank you, so I whipped up some handmade gifts.

Lesson learned: make an even bigger difference by making charity fun.

And thanks to these bloggers for the inspiration!

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  1. Alissa says:

    Hey Amy, have you ever checked out the website It has quick and entertaining tutorials on all kinds of crafts and projects – even how to make a custom body form or make a wedding dress for $10! Ran across it yesterday and I completely freaked out with excitement. As if I NEEDED more ideas for crafts and projects…

    Also, found this make your own fabric roses link:

    Figured you’d like these links since you seem to like crafts as much as me! :o)

    Merry Christmas!

    • Amy says:

      I love the Threadbanger $10 wedding dress! I’m sure I’d look that good in it, too. *raised eyebrow* Thanks for pointing me to the fabric roses… fire AND sewing! Delicious Add. Check.

  2. Had so much! And I LOVE my flower pins! Finishing up the wrapping tomorrow!