Thrift Store Shirt Pillow

Mostly, I was tired of looking at the same old shirts, so I went on a re-stock spree recently. I bought a whole slew of long-sleeved button-down shirts for  the husband. Not all of them were keepers. One had crumbling buttons I didn’t feel like replacing, a couple weren’t quite the right fit, and then there was the one that turned out to be a women’s blouse. The french cuffs should’ve tipped me off.

But I loved the fabric of that particular shirt, so I stashed it with my fabric supply. It turned out to be perfect when I went to make a present for my brother. I made an envelope pillowcase, with the blouse buttons on the back of the case.

My other favorite part of this pillow is the other thrift-store shirt I used. I found a t-shirt with this cool peddler on it, and it kind of reminded me of this great t-shirt on Etsy. So I brought him home, cut him out, and sewed him on with some fabric scraps from my stash. I think it turned out pretty hip.

Now I may just buy up t-shirts with cool screen prints for future projects!

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