This, I Celebrate

I’m red with excitement! Okay, my literal redness is from an allergic reaction after broccoli beef at lunch (what the heck… first food allergy at nearly-30?). But my figurative redness is from my delight over being featured on Potter + Butler’s podcast, This, I Celebrate.

Potter + Butler is an adorable little company run by two rather adorable friends, Emily and Carrie, who make adorable handmade party goods. I discovered them when they re-posted my DNA garland at Christmas time.

I love their sweet party garland.

And I double-love their mini garland for cakes! Or donuts, which kind of makes me chuckle, and crave powdered donuts.

Emily and Carrie were inspired by NPR’s This, I Believe series, and started their own podcast series, This, I Celebrate. It’s a “project of good cheer, … designed to engage us all in the joy, energy, and merriment of celebration through sharing our celebration stories with others.”

And they asked me to contribute! So I wrote up a little sumpin’, went back in the closet with my microphone, and recorded a couple of my thoughts on celebration.

Listen to my This, I Celebrate guest “appearance” here. Hope you likes it!

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  1. Alissa says:

    Excellent job, Amy! I agree with you that I am much more a fan of parties that have a goal instead of mingling. Helps gives introverts and newbies an opportunity to interact without putting them on the spot. Or forcing small talk upon the gatherees. Ugh. I stink at small talk.

  2. Emily says:

    Thanks again for being a part of this, Amy! I’m already excited to share part 2!