Simple Seashell Decor

We’re on a winter get-away to the beach right now, and I have to say, the beach in winter is just fine with me! It’s an excuse to avoid salty waves that knock me over and critters I can’t see nipping at me. But walking on the beach, that’s my pace.

As the hubby and I were walking, I of course filled my pocket with sea shells. It got me thinking how the joy of finding a pretty seashell on the beach is pretty universal. They’re like little treasures. But then what?

I, admittedly, don’t have any desire to use the shells I found. But I love the ones I got at an antique store with my mom! They’re itty bitty, so they look adorable in a little glass jar. And they’re small enough to be quite tasteful glued to a picture frame. (Seashells glued to picture frames can go all wrong in a hurry, in my not-so-humble opinion.)

As for my beach-combing, I decided I’ll send the shells to mum. She loves the beach. I did find some wonderful pieces of coral and mini sand dollars (see what I did with them here), some sea twigs, and a sea fan (found a home for it on my kitchen credenza) at a souvenir shop. So stay tuned for future winter-beach-trip-inspired decorating!

(I also had a collection of little petrified pieces of wood going. Thought they’d look cute in a bowl, but ultimately decided they just looked like sea turds. Decorating fail. They can stay at the beach.)

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