Quilted Baby Letters

Photo courtesy of Stacy Cross

Photo courtesy of Stacy Cross

Sometimes you have to kick the impress-factor up a notch. Like when you have a really talented friend who is having a baby.

My friend Stacy’s baby shower was coming up.


(You must look at Stacy’s website. She’s the most amazing photographer. I want to have our wedding again just so she can take our pictures. Or, maybe we should just have a “Trash the Dress” session with her. How fun are these photos??)


So her baby shower was coming up, and I was looking for a handmade idea for her little man. I found these adorable rag quilt letters (complete with tutorial and pattern download!). I wasn’t brave enough to tackle the whole alphabet, so I just made Quin’s* name. Mom reports that she loves them, and I was pretty tickled to see how well they matched his hip nursery! (Dad gave me a little secret coaching on colors, but I was surprised and thrilled to see just how well they go.)

The letters are just fabric fronts with quilt batting on the back (I used pre-quilted batting). You just cut and sew!

(*Quin is so-named because he’s the fifth. How cool is that? Every time I think of him, I get “Quinn the Eskimo” stuck in my head. My other favorite Quin fact is that he came out with red hair… that matches his nursery perfectly.)

Photo courtesy of Stacy Cross

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  1. Stacy Cross says:

    Amy! I LOVE Quin’s letters – thanks again SO MUCH!

  2. LOVE these! See- can tell you WHERE to get some really cool letters, but not HOW to make them. This is why you need to start at Etsy store and I can send many people to BUY all your DIY projects!!!

    • Amy says:

      Haha… well, one of these days I’ll come up with that unique thing I make and open an Etsy account. Thanks!

  3. Sara says:

    I had no idea you made this cute little wall hanging for Quin! I’ve always thought it was so super cute – I’m glad you put up on HNWN!

  4. Jenny says:

    Oh how adorable! A friend of mine is expecting, and I think this might just make the perfect gift.

    • Amy says:

      Jenny- Just be ready to respond, “Oh, it was nothing,” with a flick of the wrist, and humbly soak in the glory. And if you didn’t see Jessica’s rag quilt alphabet, where I got the idea, you’ll love that even more!