One Nightstand Two Ways

I’ll say it. I’m addicted to lamps. When I find a lamp I like at a thrift store, I usually have no idea where or if I’ll use it, and get it anyway. But! Great lamp bases are really pretty easy to find at thrift stores, so I’ve never spent more than $10 on one, which completely justifies owning 10 table lamps in a 5-room house. (Gosh! I only have two lamps per room! Must. Find. More. Lamps.)

Another confession: I tend to get tired of things quickly. My husband jokes I’m on a bartering system where I never actually spend more money, I just swap things out.

So to ward off the “yesterday’s news” syndrome, I’m switching things up.

In the bedroom, I switched lamps, accent pillows, and some accessories scrounged from around the house for two totally different looks. Now, I’ve got a fall/winter and a spring/summer ‘do’ for the nightstand and bedding.

And because I can’t help bragging about a deal, I found both lamp bases at Goodwill for $10/ea, the barrel shade for $5 at a thrift store, and the pillows and gold shade at T.J. Maxx for about $10 a pop. I like to think of my bargain-hunting obsession as my hunter-gatherer instinct put to modern-day use.

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  1. Susan Ruthenbeck says:

    Amy, way to go with the great deals. I love a good find and part of the thrill is the hunt.

    • Amy says:

      I agree, Susan! Though I’ve gotten to the point that I don’t want to pay full price at discount stores, so maybe mine’s a sickness. 😉

  2. Diane Guerra says:


    • Amy says:

      Haha. You can, in fact, hire me, Diane. Though in this case, my rates would have to include airfare and some St. Louis field trips.:)