Nursery Trees Mural

Wanna hear my favorite story, ever?

As a kid, I don’t think anyone who knew me would disagree, I was sociable and bossy. Emily Wilson was pretty much my opposite: quiet and a bookworm. Which must explain why we made such good friends.

Though I claim I’m not bossy anymore, I guess I’ve never stopped trying to boss Emily around. I moved away in 5th grade, but we stayed in touch, and when it was time for college, I wanted her to come to two-year women’s school, Cottey, with me. Lucky for me, she did, and we had a blast as reunited roomies both years.

Then, a few years later, I was living in Texas and Emily was in Nebraska. I wanted her to move to Texas. This time my powers of persuasion didn’t work.

Or did they?

Emily was the maid of honor in Dennis and my wedding, in Texas. David, Dennis’ brother, was our best man. The two walked down the aisle together, then partnered up for the swing dance lessons at the reception, and exchanged emails afterward. Two years later, they got married. Now Emily is my sister-in-law! We have the same last name. And she lives in Texas.:)

What does all this have to do with those trees? Emily and David are having a baby… Evelynne Gail. Em wanted some fun trees in the nursery, so we did some research, mashed a few ideas together for our own design, and got busy. I drew the trees on with pencil (used a hula hoop and flying disc as circle patterns), and painted the trees out of house paint (used the sample jars you can have tinted). Emily cut the leaves out of Amy Butler scrapbook paper (free pattern download below). And then we tag-teamed gluing the leaves on with fast-drying scrapbook glue, though if I did it again, I’d try Melanie’s idea of using double-stick fusible webbing over at Sewing for Scarlett.

The whole project took about half a day. Now all the nursery needs is a baby!

Free Pattern Download (pdf): Nursery Birds and Leaf

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  1. Doug says:

    That is very cool! Great teamwork, what a cool design:)

  2. Alissa says:

    Whoa, what a crazy-awesome story! Isn’t it weird how God entertwines our lives sometimes? :o)

    LOVE the mural. If you want more assurance that the leaves won’t come off, you could go over the top of everything with a few layers of Mode-podge.

    (BTW, when I type comments and use the letter “n” or “p” or an arrow key, I get an error pop up saying, “Message from webpage We don’t know what we have:”)

    • Amy says:

      I know! Do you remember Emily? And mod-podge ain’t a bad idea if Baby E gets any big ideas. (Also, will look into weird “n” “p” issue.)

      • Alissa says:

        I don’t know that I ever met her, but as soon as you said the name bells totally rang in my head, “Wait, I’ve heard that name from Cottey!” Well, being that it was itty-bitty Cottey I probably DID meet her some time but just didn’t get a name.

        And a huge YAY for tissue-paper flowers! They’re completely awesome. Great color choices, too.

        (And now the n’s and p’s are working! It’s weird; that happens maybe every-other time I comment here.)

  3. K. Anne says:

    Lovely! Gives me inspiration for my little girl’s room. 🙂