New Around the House

This week…

I found…

a glue gun!

You can imagine my husband’s excitement when I came home and proclaimed my victory.

As we settle into our life in the Czech Republic, I think we’re doing pretty well. We still feel so lucky we could even pull this stunt (moving to another country for the heck of it), and we’re really happy we chose Prague. But there’s one thing that’s nearly killing me… no thrift stores! Or Craigslist! So two things.

But along with the glue gun conquest, I also have renewed hope this week after popping into an antique store. Looking past all the china and dish ware that were cluttering the shelves, I found this baby.

I could’ve been sold on it just for looks and the 90 crown price tag…. about $5. But one of the other customers fiddled with it for me, and both ticking and ringing work!

Mind you, I think I’ll have to wind it forward 5-10 minutes every day because it doesn’t seem to keep time very well.

But isn’t it hip? I love it!

Then, while I was supposed to be shopping for winter clothes (I seem to have only packed 3 sweaters), I walked past a linen Ikat scarf in H&M and immediately grabbed it. Not for me. For the house. I do love scarves on furniture.

It’s pretty cute draped across the foot of the bed, but the chair in our bedroom needed it more.


Unfortunately, the linen is way too thin to play the role of upholstery fabric, so this is just a temporary pinning.

But it sure is fun to look at for now!

Once I get around to really recovering the chair, I’m thinking about cutting the scarf into two or three sections and framing them.


This is getting to be fun.:) I might just manage to feather our nest on a budget after all, even sans Goodwill. (Though I’ll still mourn the loss.)

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  1. Marjorie says:

    I think you’re doing just great without Goodwill! I love the temp. scarf chair – amazing the difference it makes… and you were right, i do love the clock too!

  2. Karen says:

    ooooh! Chair is much happier now.

  3. Bethany says:

    I love the clock! what a great find! I totally hear you about missing thrift stores – that’s definitely something I’ve been missing here lately too. We’ve been thinking about going to our favorite antique store here sometime soon we’ll have to let you know when we do and we can make a little outing of it 🙂

  4. Alissa says:

    Hooray for your thrifty creativity! You never cease to inspire me.