New Around the House

My love affair with lamps has been on the rocks. For seven months, I haven’t had any. Not ‘a one. And it’s dang near killed me.

But last week I picked up two second-hand lamps (both Ikea), and my life is turning around.

The standing lamp in the living room is like a bright little miracle of non-overhead light in the evenings.

And this heavier-than-you’d-imagine black beauty in the entryway is a welcome welcome.

I also love textiles and rugs, so this little puppy is a gem. I found him at an antique show for $35.

Well worth it for that fabuloso pattern, and uber soft chenille!

Slowly, but surely, I’m filling the blank canvas that is our sparse white flat. And it makes me happy.

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  1. Aimee Llewellyn says:

    Okay, we have to add antique shows to our list of to-dos. I never get to go antiquing over here – too busy with other stuff.

  2. “Let there be light!” Those lamps are cool! And that rug, ooo-la-la! Now if only you can get some color on the walls. 🙂