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Spray Paint Update

Good as new

I have a can of spray paint and I know how to use it! Sounds like a weapon…and it is when you can update faded exterior light fixtures for under $5! After shopping for new fixtures I decided to try this economical update.

No screwdriver necessary

I’m not proficient with electricity so rather than risk getting fried to a crisp I opted to leave the sconce right where it was for painting. I just covered the brick and glass with paper and tape.

Glider facelift

After finishing the fixtures I was inspired to spray our metal glider. Now I’m even eyeing a large old faux clay planter.

What have you spray painted lately?

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Marcia lives in Edmond, OK, where she is a funeral home administrator. She has a big heart, warm personality, and mad homemaking skills that make people feel right at home.

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  1. Susan Ruthenbeck says:

    I love spray paint. I have had so much fun turning Thrift Store finds into Treasures. I have even sprayed our towel bars, bathtub faucet and nobs to give our Master bath an updated look for not much money!

  2. Robbin says:

    I love love love spray paint.

    We redid our “new” kitchen by painting over the old icky dark brown laminate cabinets with white brush on paint. We left it streaky so you can still see the “wood-grain” underneath. The wall got painted a bright aqua blue and all of the cabinet handles were taped around and spray painted a hammered pewter. Than I went after the icky old chandelier I had planned to rip out and replace, again taped around the ceiling stood on the table and went to town. You know after painting it, it looks great in our old country theme style kitchen.

    I especially love the new TEXTURED spray paints as they really look like something else.

    Is there anything you can’t spray paint and make it look amazing?!