Light Switch Candy

Close your eyes and picture a wall.

Wait. That’s not going to work.

In your mind’s eye, picture a wall. It has a door, or window, or light switch at one end. Now hang some art on it. Where’d you put it?

If you hung it in the middle, prepare to be un-borified*.

I’ve recently discovered the joy of hanging art on unexpected wall space, like my in-a-line arrangement where I lined five pieces up along the corner of a wall.

I have my friend, Kim, to blame. She has masterfully decorated wall space the rest of us would overlook. Namely, Kim has perfected light switch candy. (Though I take credit for coining the term. I’m sure it will make waves in the interior design world.)

She has also perfected framing the most adorable piece of an Anthropologie bag as art. Looove it! (And the adorable pic of her and her man, taken right after Kim’s skydiving adventure.)

And I have tried to mimic her by hanging a hot air balloon print above a light switch on an otherwise bare wall. I rather love the asymmetry of it.

You should try it, too… with that art you don’t think you have anywhere to hang, and that little section by the light switch you’ve never seen as a possible spot for a nail and some art. Let me know how it goes.

(*The process of becoming un-boring. ~Amy’s English Standard Made-up Words Dictionary)

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  1. Kerri Fisher says:

    unborified indeed! assymmetry is where its at. This counts in dress world too.

  2. Alissa says:

    I remember the amazing joy my family felt when we finally figured out the right thing to hang in the annoying skinny space between the laundry room closet and the pantry. The clouds parted, rays of sunshine, angels singing. Finding the perfect wall accessory for those weird spaces changes a whole room.

    BTW, can I get a copy of that dictionary? Sounds like it would come in handy at times, full of Whedon-esque-ish words. :o)

    • Amy says:

      What was it? What did the perfect solution turn out to be? A painting? A print? A rabbit’s foot on a hook?

      Yes… as soon as my publisher gets off his butt and gets my dictionary on the shelves, I’ll sign the first copy for you. 😉

      • Alissa says:

        Believe it or not, a fancy calendar! Had to be one of those long, skinny ones to fit in the space, but it definitely made the space better.