Inspiration: Versailles

The thing is, castles are overrated.

They’re either cold and dark (Medieval), or gaudy and overdone (Renaissance). But I suppose it’s a good thing. Otherwise, my childhood fantasies of becoming a princess would just be rekindled with every visit to a castle, and I just don’t think my husband could handle an overgrown princess wanna-be.

However, I did spot some beauts at the Palace of Versailles during our recent jaunt to Paris. My favorite:

This taupe and turquoise chair. Seriously! I’ll take it.

My second favorite:

An emerald green stool set against a pale blue room trimmed in frilly white. Delightful, I say.

And black and white tile floors running through a long, stone-arched corridor? Good call, fancy palace designers.

There was certainly plenty of eye-candy, too. So though I wouldn’t plan them into my next home, the little-girl princess in me couldn’t help but love the blingy door hinge and all the fabulous chandeliers.

So Versailles, let me know when you plan an estate sale and I’ll be by for a few things. Merci.

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