Hostess Gift: Dress Up a Spring Bulb

Problem: Two hours till a dinner party, and nothing to bring as a hostess gift.

Solution: Wait, rewind a sec.

When a friend invites me (us) for dinner, I like to bring at least a bottle of wine. If it’s a particularly special occasion — maybe the first time at a new friend’s house, or a bonafide dinner party — I like to bring a little something extra.

A couple weeks ago I’d (of course) waited until the last minute to come up with a hostess gift. So on my way home I bought a spring bulb from the flower stand, but the bright blue plastic it came in wasn’t going to cut it. And I do love jars, so I had plenty in the cabinet.

A bit of my favorite wrapping paper and twine,

and a tiny painted heart (one of my husband’s spontaneous ideas that I hate because it wasn’t mine, and love because it was brilliant), and I had a sweet, simple hostess gift.

Good thing, because some serious Japanese deliciousness awaited us. Here I am wearing my concentrating face, learning to be a Takoyaki chef. Apparently my husband was wearing his, too, on my behalf. It worked. They were delicious.

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  1. Alissa says:

    This makes how many HNWN projects with that same wrapping paper? Gotta love a supply that is so versatile – and adorable and snazzy to boot! 🙂

  2. Lia frm Atlanta says:

    Thanks for the cute and unique ideas. Lovee tha jar with the heart.
    And the Takoyaki must be super yummy! It’s my favourite. Now am craving for
    it. Will make it next week . Enjoy your weekend!