Dresser Face Lift

This old dresser has served me well since high school, when I convinced my mom to paint the door panels royal blue. Hideous. Evidently I had to grow into good taste.

A few years back, I created a quick-fix (because I’m too lazy for a full re-finish) by cutting out cardboard rectangles, wrapping them with fabric, and hot-gluing them over the royal blue disaster.

Now that my bedroom is finally coming together (stay tuned), it was time for another facelift (still too lazy for a full re-finish). This time I used a spot of teal spray paint, and a quarter yard of the raddest fabric I’ve ever owned.

Oh, she’s cute! I think she deserves a name now. She looks like an Amelia.

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  1. “Amelia!” I remember buying this piece at a flea market in Las Cruices, NM back in the ’80’s, refinishing it and using it for my sewing supplies and patterns. Then somewhere along the line painting it white for your bedroom. I still think its a great piece! Would love to see it painted a fab color (hint: I’m into reds, or maybe a sort of mint). The fabric panels are awesome!

    • Amy says:

      If not b/c it’s a cool piece, then b/c of all the sentimentality attached to it, I will ALWAYS use this piece! And I agree… I’d love to redo the white someday. But someone I know always refinished furniture by stripping it first, so I’m intimidated by what a big job that’ll be. Does someone wanna come help me? *wink, wink*