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Crocheted Bedspread as a Curtain

Many years ago my great Aunt gave me an exquisite hand-crocheted bedspread. My great-grandmother made it more than 60 years ago.

When we had a formal dining room I used it as a tablecloth over a flat navy sheet. But then we moved into a cottage (actually, it’s not a cottage, it’s a small ranch – but I prefer to think of it as a cottage!) with no formal dining room.  So I decided to create a little comfort niche in the corner of my bedroom and the bedspread became an old timey lace-looking curtain.

I just folded it down the fringed edge and basted it into a curtain rod sleeve, then added a tieback. It’s my favorite spot to sit and watch HGTV!

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Marcia lives in Edmond, OK, where she is a funeral home administrator. She has a big heart, warm personality, and mad homemaking skills that make people feel right at home.

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