Bird and Leaf Silhouettes

I was digging through my “extra stuff” closet looking for ways to spruce up our numbingly un-decorated guest room. These frames were in there, getting lonely. They’re just two panes of glass in a frame, so you can sandwich anything between them. (I think they were $10 each at Target a few years ago.) I just cut shapes out of some of my (also lonely) fabric, and hung them.

If you love fabrics or paper, this is an easy way to show them off. Click below to use the patterns I created.

Free Pattern Download (pdf): Leaf Silhouettes

Free Pattern Download (pdf): Bird Silhouette

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  1. Hi Amy, Great to see you! Thanks so much for linking up on Craft Schooling Sunday and hope you’ll drop by again soon. I just love this project! It’s so simple with great results, thanks so much!

    • Amy says:

      Thanks, Sara! Glad you like it. And I’ll definitely “come play” again… it’s on my calendar for each Sun (thru Wed)! (For anyone with crafty projects, share your link at Sara’s site every Mon-Wed in her linking party. It’s an awesome way to find new ideas!)