Before & After: Mirror


I scored this mirror at Goodwill about five years ago for $30. It’s one of my favorite finds, but I recently decided it needed to be modded out a bit. A can of matte white spray paint, and now I’ve got a modern take on an ornate traditional. Plus, in person the details of the mirror really pop now. I plan to put this on a modern console, next to the flat screen TV I’m hoping will magically appear soon.


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  1. Tim Stewart says:

    I picked up a pair of heavy wooden gold-leaf mirrors at a moving sale years ago. I’ve never known what to do with them because they’re so gaudy and dark and dominating. But now I think I’d like to spray paint them white like you did! I think the matte white make-over will fast-forward my frames about 50 years, putting them squarely in the contemporary age! Thanks!

    • Amy says:

      Send me a pic once you’re done! I also recently came upon this DIY project I want to do to balance the white matte with a pop of it somewhere else in the room.

      • Tim Stewart says:

        That puffy paint/white matte spray paint combination is phenomenal! Will send pics of these “white matte” projects when they’re done. Thanks!