Before & After: Gail’s Entryway

Rusty metal gym baskets. Aren’t they fantastic? They’re my favorite part of this entryway I decorated for my friend Gail (which leads to the living room). I got them on Craigslist for $8/each. I have to say, though, I’m a little jealous because while I have seven getting rustier on my patio since I don’t know where to put them, Gail has the perfect place for them! I think they’d look great with some big coffee-table books stacked inside.

I also love the console table ($30) and lamp ($20) I found on Craigslist, and the ring-on-a-stand I walk-by grabbed* at Savers for $5. Gail had the mirror and giant clay pot, which perfectly finished off the sleek-with-a-touch-of-junk-market entry.

*Walk-by grabbing: The act of grabbing an item upon first glance without slowing one’s pace. Not recommended for use on body parts, particularly those of strangers.

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  1. hey! i LOVE these baskets! If you want to sell me a couple, i would be interested in them for under a bench we are putting in the family room (if they fit). what on earth did you search for on craig’s list to land those?

    • Amy says:

      A client actually found them, so I picked up a stack for her and a stack for me. Seeing as I have 9 on my patio and I can’t figure out what to do with them, I’d be delighted to sell you some! They’re way cool, aren’t they?