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A Hamper for the Ages


Over 36 years ago I bought a wicker clothes hamper right after we got married. It started out being a salmon pink. I’m not a pink person so I painted it yellow and covered the lid with a piece of oil cloth. Oil cloth is a plastic coated material…like the plastic table cloths your grandma (or great-grandma) used to have. Get the picture?


A few years passed and I got over my yellow craze and went with neutral: cream fabric on the lid and cream paint.

While the kids were growing up the hamper was a favorite hiding place when playing hide and go seek on rainy or cold winter days. It’s hard to believe any one of them were small enough to get into it!

A few years ago I looked around for a new hamper but quickly realized they don’t make them 1) sturdy enough or 2) big enough for a week of laundry, so I’ve kept my old relic.

I often put my foot on it while applying lotion to my legs, and the cats sometimes sit on it so they can visit with me while I’m brushing my teeth or applying make-up.

It needed a new look so I went looking for fabric that would hide dirt and the random cat hair, found a multi colored piece. The new color of paint is called “Caramel Latte,” Krylon’s spray line of brushed metallic spray paint. (You may have noticed in previous posts I am becoming the queen of spray painting stuff.)

I still love my old hamper!

{Note from Amy: I never appreciated this hamper till this very moment. Mom, when you’re done with it, can I have it? And I’m just sure I could still fit in it.;) }

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Marcia lives in Edmond, OK, where she is a funeral home administrator. She has a big heart, warm personality, and mad homemaking skills that make people feel right at home.

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  1. Russell says:

    It was a great hiding place until big sis and bro learned to check there first!

  2. emily says:

    As soon as I saw the first pic, I thought, ‘I used to hide in a hamper just like that!’ But I don’t think it was that particular one…

    • Amy says:

      If it was the hamper at our house, that’s the one! If it was at yo’ momma’s house, sounds like you’re not getting a vintage hamper as a hand-me-down.

  3. Alissa says:

    I’m AMAZED to see a wicker hamper is in such good condition after so many years of use! Most wicker pieces my family’s had deteriorated over time until they snagged anything and everything. Maybe my sis and I were a little more.. enthusiastic.. during our games of hide-n-seek. Kudos for finding a classic piece with some staying power!